It is an unfortunate reality of our current economic state that many people are being forced to relinquish their homes to foreclosure. If you are in the banking or mortgage business and are finding that more and more often you’re being required to put homes on the market as foreclosures, then you are probably looking for a method of advertising the property that will get it sold as quickly as possible. Look no further for a trust worthy company to put those signs up for you.

All residential and commercial foreclosure sales require the erecting of a foreclosure sign on the property at least 20 days before the sale, but not longer than 30 days prior to the sale. The only exception is the committee is not required to place a sign where the property is a condominium or cooperative, unless the property is a stand alone building unit in a common interest community.
(JD-CV-81 Uniform Procedures for Foreclosure by Sale Procedures- Instructions to Committee)
(JD-CV-79 Foreclosure by Sale Standing Orders)


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